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Art Clay Silver 10g A-273 japan import IWILLDMXM Size: about 11.5 x 8.5 x 1cmWeight: 16gMaterial Material: Art Clay Silver (fine powder of pure silver, water, binder)Country of origin: Japan

It is a representative item of Art Clay Silver. This type is the center of modeling work most
. Is done in the same sense, such as paper clay modeling, such as bus-round.
New Art Clay Silver, because it also combines features of slow dry, molding time will be longer. cutting properties, such as file of
after drying has improved. Drying time of using the dryer or does not remain the same. new material that achieves beautiful shiny silver skin and fine-grained
. Because it is firing from 650 excellent stability of
firing, it is suitable metal fittings of ceramics SV925 glass or, in combination with other material. It can be fired in a gas stove in the home without using an electric furnace, you can enjoy making work easily. With regard to the

silver clay products, in order to prevent quality degradation due to long-term storage of goods, does not have to put only a small amount of stock. Depending on the timing of the order, there is a case to become the order. In that case, 1-2 weeks before and after it will be the aim to deliver, approve it beforehand.

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